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admin September 14, 2021

This film is licensed under a non-exclusive license from Distribution Solutions/Alliance Entertainment. All rights reserved** Field Of Lost Shoes – Based on a true story of the …

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  • Simon Poynton September 14, 2021 Reply

    Fabulous effort. Fabulous. A stand out effort among the recent many, by far. Stunning US History.

  • Bruce Anderson September 14, 2021 Reply

    Very Good Movie. Thank you

  • Jeff Harman September 14, 2021 Reply

    In the Spring of 1982, at the Tender age of 19-years, I began "Reenacting" and my first Battle Reenactment was that of the Battle of New Market, Virginia. There are always a select few Cadets from the Senior Class of Virginia Military Institute there, wearing appropriate uniforms of the period, to portray those Cadets who died in the battle and they each fall, one by one, during the Reenactment, to Honor those who died that fateful day.
    *And I wear Blue or Gray, depending upon the needs of the Reenactment I'm attending, because I have a passion for portraying History – not for some ideology regarding Flags.

  • John Walker September 14, 2021 Reply

    God Damn's war, as war is an mental illness. Sad.

  • joey Depalmer September 14, 2021 Reply

    this is so racist and un American it needs to be removed from youtube and that field needs to be bull dozed and paved over. than statues of black heroes placed over it

  • Nilo Panganiban September 14, 2021 Reply

    A lot of inspiration to bring to the youth of today…must be watched

  • Bob Fuqua September 14, 2021 Reply

    The war was over states rights , economics , an unfair tariffs placed on the southern states . More slaves were bought and sold up north then was ever traded in the south . Only three percent owned salves in the south . The war was never about slavery . That is revisionist history B.S taught and spewed out by the PC liars , and we know who they are .

  • Nerol Salguod September 14, 2021 Reply

    It was about "STATES RIGHTS" not slavery and lincoln was a criminal.
    Now were all slaves to the fed.

  • John Google September 14, 2021 Reply

    Glad to have seen this movie before the nazi leftists shut it down!

  • Linda Edwards September 14, 2021 Reply

    Even the boys were real men. Now……not so much.

  • Jeffrey Hickman September 14, 2021 Reply


  • Jeriann Milemon September 14, 2021 Reply

    Good movie

  • Meade Music September 14, 2021 Reply

    I was in this movie. It was a lot of fun. Filmed mostly in Powhatan County , Virginia

  • Artist Alison Winfield-Burns September 14, 2021 Reply

    Any way that you can get for us "Old Yeller"?

  • Icarus Airways September 14, 2021 Reply

    They marched two days to battle yet his sweetheart's house is close enough to be threatened by artillery and used as a field hospital?

  • beverly lawyer September 14, 2021 Reply

    The scene where the guys were going to whip the boy brought me to tears, well done

  • Norman Chodrick September 14, 2021 Reply

    Pretty much all the wars of human history have been of men either fighting evil brought by Satan and Satan's minions behind the scenes or a lot of times being fooled and unknowingly fighting for the Satanists behind the scenes pulling the stings.
    The situation of the Confederates was the latter, that of fighting to preserve the evil of slavery. They died ignorant of being used for evil purposes so they did far worse than die for nothing, they died serving evil. I don't revile the Confederate flag or sentiments as they are history, but they are an historical example of how men can be misled and used in supposedly justified causes that really only serve evil. Same with the finally failed communism of Russia and the present threat of communist China. Just a failed attempt by Satan (Russia) and his latest effort China.

  • William Schutter September 14, 2021 Reply

    Extraordiarily compelling.

  • Rich Arriola September 14, 2021 Reply

    Wonderful movie thanks

  • Scott Batchelder September 14, 2021 Reply

    One of best movies I've seen in a long time!

  • William Schutter September 14, 2021 Reply

    Brilliant: "The old men make the promises, the young ones pay off," or to that effect. Indeed.

  • History AndHorseplaying September 14, 2021 Reply

    What is disappointing is the filmmakers were so cowed that they didn’t dare show an unfurled battle flag in the movie.

  • Tracy Tavares September 14, 2021 Reply

    These kids that died have more sack then any of you morons who want to tip over statues . Im from Boston but fly Dixie w/ pride . Bless all the Unknown an Unclaimed Hero of all war

  • J H September 14, 2021 Reply

    Pretty good

  • Razor Shark September 14, 2021 Reply

    This is an awesome film. Love the story, the characters, the music, and the fights.

  • Lonny willia.s September 14, 2021 Reply

    Lol civil war was not fought over slavery over mineral rights cotton tobacco so on so on

  • Nathaniel Anderson September 14, 2021 Reply

    In the real south, all those people would be using tobacco.

  • ooga booga September 14, 2021 Reply

    oh lawdy das raciss fool 😁

  • GATOR MAIN September 14, 2021 Reply


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