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A man is driven to revenge when his wife and children are murdered by a ruthless mob. Left for dead and with no one to turn to, he takes to the streets…

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  • Atlas Network September 13, 2021 Reply

    Not a bad film, better than a lot of the crap out of hollywood.

  • Timothy Torres September 13, 2021 Reply

    I think a lot of people would criticize this movie for being a British ripoff of The Punisher from MARVEL, but they wouldn't dare to criticize Vinnie Jones.

  • Missy Foi September 13, 2021 Reply

    This is a fab film – I saw it a few months ago on another channel – Vinnie Jones did very well.

  • aime laurete September 13, 2021 Reply

    How the f*ck he could get revenge if he don’t know how to fight, not impressive at all the dad don’t even have skills,he’s only good in poisture.

  • Helen Poornima September 13, 2021 Reply

    Oh! I am late today! Oh! There are boys only no girls in this class room !I am the only one girl in this class room ! So I am so panic !! Because I am a good and good looking girl!!

  • Singh Jassi September 13, 2021 Reply

    Moral don't open the doors to unknown and unauthorised people.

  • sethulisa sethulisa September 13, 2021 Reply

    V we be early 0lz open the chat so we can chat with our v family

  • Singh Jassi September 13, 2021 Reply

    A man not Just a man.
    He is a Father,Husband,son and brother.
    Man Love his child more then anyone else.
    Grate movie
    Painful but Topic is nice.

  • Daniël De witte September 13, 2021 Reply

    Friends helloooooo 😁

    Tobad there no live chat
    Hope soon so we can keep contact 💪

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