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admin April 10, 2021

This film is under the non-exclusive license of Leomark Studios. All rights reserved. *** Welcome to Movie Central. Riders on the Storm – On a dark single track road, …

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  • True Blue April 10, 2021 Reply

    Jeff had a skeleton key. The lady who picked him up had a skeleton key. Symbolic of something profound, I guess, but I DON'T GET IT.

  • Trump Girl April 10, 2021 Reply

    Great acting, great movie! Loved it! Nice to see actors that can really act!

  • Gail Yarbrough April 10, 2021 Reply

    All around the world, it seems our way of life is suffering. Jobs are becoming more scarce. There's an increase not only in natural disasters but also in diseases, such as the current pandemic. Crime is on the rise. Morals seem to be dwindling as people think nothing of lying, cheating, committing adultery and having abortions. There is a reason all this is happening. And there is a remedy. Life doesn't have to be this way. God never INTENDED for it to be this way. The Bible is more than just an old Book. It's a manual in how to love God, love your neighbor, and live under His Laws of righteousness and peace. God promises that if we will be obedient to His Word, life will be filled with happiness and purpose. Will it be perfect? No, because currently we are living in a fallen state. But there is hope in Jesus Christ. He's returning soon to judge the nations. He loves you and if you'll repent of your sins and trust in Him, you'll have everlasting life in His Kingdom when He Reigns here on the new earth to come. This world is currently under Judgement because we've turned our backs on the Lord. If only we will get on our knees and cry out to Him, He will heal our land and bring back the blessings outlined in the Bible. We need to do it nationally and personally. Otherwise, things are going to get much, much worse. Unimaginably so. Please repent today because this wicked world is just about out of time. God Bless.

  • magentapyramid April 10, 2021 Reply

    Impressive! You can really sense that brooding undertone and turbulent apprehension. This is truly a ride that will never be forgotten. Thank you for the excellent film, Movie Central.

  • Catalia Bloom April 10, 2021 Reply

    Killer running wild😎 nice movie

  • Motaka April 10, 2021 Reply

    different but good

  • Ann Wilkiemeyer April 10, 2021 Reply

    Cop Killer

  • carol brandon April 10, 2021 Reply


  • Jim Harmon April 10, 2021 Reply

    Don't drive on rainy nights.

  • πŸ‘‹

  • Ecuador Expat April 10, 2021 Reply

    Super good movie.. brilliant acting

  • Hissen Daud April 10, 2021 Reply

    I πŸ‘² always have β€πŸƒπŸ‘ΈπŸ˜πŸ“–πŸ’°winners mindset

  • Brad Christensen April 10, 2021 Reply


  • Nashe Mudiwa April 10, 2021 Reply


  • dawg shit April 10, 2021 Reply

    Im on 450

  • planetizationrising April 10, 2021 Reply

    I just slid the time bar slowly across to the finish. The whole damn movie is DARK. They could've shot this in some film student's mother's basement. It would be boring as hell if a whole movie takes place in a car – which this one does – but add to it that you don't even see
    t he scenery going by !!! It's just two dopey guy's faces the whole movie. Don't waste your
    time. I'm surprised that Movie Central would upload this crap. If you don't believe me that all you see throughout is 2 guy's heads surrounded by darkness – move the time bar slowly yourself.

  • Princess Babycute April 10, 2021 Reply

    Am here 😊

  • David Ellis April 10, 2021 Reply

    🎡 There's A Killer On The Run 🎡

  • Dra Game April 10, 2021 Reply


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